*** Updated on 12 October 2021 ***


General information about the Coronavirus pandemic situation for those planning a trip to Hungary is obtainable on the website: http://abouthungary.hu/


Should you have further question, please contact the official COVID-hotline in Hungary at koronavirus@1818.hu or +36-1-550-1825


Further information in English is available on the following websites:

Hungarian National Health Agency

Hungarian Government

Hungarian Police

Budapest Airport




The entry travel restrictions introduced by Government decree no. 408/2020. (VIII.30.) (the “Government decree”) entered into force on 1st of September, 2020. The mentioned decree is still in force for visa applicants, who intend to travel Hungary without a valid final Covid-19 vaccination / immunisation certificate (issued by the Republic of India or accepted by Hungary).


For detailed information about entry rules into the territory of Hungary please visit: http://www.police.hu/en/content/information-on-general-rules-of-border-crossing


From 12th of October, 2021 holder of a valid final Indian Covid19 vaccination / immunization certificate are eligible to submit any type of C visa application without any restriction.


Exemption from travel restrictions:

(and their family members, and Hungarian resident permit holders)

Travelers with Hungarian citizenship (holders of valid Hungarian passport, ID card) are allowed to enter Hungary (no need for entry permit issued by the Hungarian Border Police or negative RT-PCR test result) regardless of the purpose of stay, but they must go into isolation for 10 days (this can be shortened by performing 2x RT-PCR tests in Hungary).

Persons entitled to the same rights as Hungarian citizens are:

  • family members of a Hungarian citizen;
  • persons entitled to permanent residence in Hungary and their family members (such a right must be certified by a document);
  • persons holding a valid residence permit issued by the aliens policing authority allowing for the residence in Hungary for a duration exceeding 90 days and presents this document upon entry (“D” type visa is equivalent).



Foreign citizens arriving from abroad in passenger traffic – unless otherwise specified by law or government decree – shall not enter Hungary.

Based on a bilateral agreement between the Republic of India and Hungary, Indian citizens, who are holder of a valid final Indian Covid-19 vaccination / immunization certificate are eligible to enter Hungary without restrictions.

The competent local police body located at the place of the planned entry into the territory of Hungary - in case of crossing the border at Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport the BRFK XVIII District Police Headquarters – may grant an exemption upon request.

The police authority may allow entry if the applicant without valid final (Indian) Covid-19 vaccination / immunization certificate proves that the purpose of entry is:

a.) participation in a Hungarian court or public authority proceedings and the participation is certified by a document of a Hungarian court or an authority,
b.) receiving health care service, certified by a document issued by the health care institution or by other appropriate document,
c.) meeting study or exam obligations under student status certified by a document which is issued by the educational institution,
d.) taking part in cargo related passenger traffic if the aim of the travel is either to get to the cargo transport’s point of departure, or to get home after carrying out such cargo transport duty, if certified by a document which is issued by the employer,
e.) participation in family events (wedding, funeral, christening),
f.) taking care of a relative pursuant to the Act V of 2013 on Civil Code,
g.) taking part in an international religious event of a special significance;
h.) other justifiable reasons outside that covered by point (a)-(h).

The entry permit can be received by submitting an online application on the Hungarian Police’s website: https://ugyintezes.police.hu/web/guest/uj-ugy-inditasa/

If the entry is approved, the Hungarian Police issues a single entry permit for the traveler via email.

Note: The entry of foreign travelers (also those holding a valid entry permit) can be refused if COVID-19 infection is suspected during the medical check-up that every passenger must undergo after their arrival to the country.

If the purpose of your intended travel is between the above mentioned purposes, first you have to submit the online application on the Hungarian Police’s website, the link is available above.



Based on the above mentioned regulation, Government decree no. 408/2020. (VIII.30.) on travel restrictions, the Consulate may accept C-visa applications in the following SPECIAL CATEGORIES supported by documentary evidence.

Please check if your country of citizenship and your passport’s type is not on the list:


if it is not on the list, you will need to apply for a Schengen Visa to enter Hungary.


The Embassy of Hungary could accept C visa applications in the following SPECIAL CATEGORIES from Indian nationals without a valid final Indian Covid-19 vaccination / immunisation certificate: 

  • VISITORS (with the following travel purposes: participation in family events like wedding, funeral, christening).


A prior permission has to be requested from the Embassy of Hungary in order to submit the aforementioned visa applications at the VFS.

Please send an email to consulate.del@mfa.gov.hu with the attachment of the border crossing permit in order to get a prior permission.