(not exceeding the 90 days period)


Nationals of India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Maldives and Bhutan can enter Hungary for a short stay only with a valid C (Schengen) visa.

The visa is only a preliminary permission for entering the country, which does not authorize its bearer automatically to enter the country. Traveler may be requested to provide proof of the existence of conditions of his/her entry and stay in Hungary. In case traveler is not able to meet the requirements while entering Hungary, he/she may be returned from the border.


Who can apply for a visa?

In accordance with the Government Decree No. 77 of 2022 (III. 4.) on the termination of certain safety measures against the coronavirus pandemic entered into force on 7 March 2022, nationals of India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Maldives and Bhutan / and/or residents falling under the consular district of the Embassy of Hungary New Delhi are eligible to submit any type of C visa application without any restriction at any VFS GLOBAL office.

The Consular district of the Embassy of Hungary in New Delhi consists

  • India: Delhi, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Odisha, Chhattisgarh, Bihar, West-Bengal, Arunachal Pradesh, Jharkhand, Assam, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Punjab, Haryana, Meghalaya, Manipur, Mizoram, Nagaland, Tripura, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Sikkim, Chandigarh, Ladakh 
  • Bangladesh
  • Nepal
  • Sri Lanka
  • Maldives
  • Bhutan.

Application of the permanent residents of Maharashtra, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Goa, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Puducherry, Telangana, Daman and Diu, Dadra and Nagar Haveli are admitted and processed by the Consulate General of Hungary in Mumbai.


Where can you submit your application?


New Delhi

Applicants should contact VFS GLOBAL directly ( in order to arrange an appointment for C visa application submission in India.


Appointments for all other type of administrative proceedings shall be requested and given by the Consular Section of the Embassy of Hungary in New Delhi in advance only by mail as follows:



In Bangladesh the Dhaka Office of the Embassy of Hungary in New Delhi operates, they receive D visa cases, appointment has to be booked through email at

The Embassy of Switzerland is representing Hungary for Bangladeshi residents with regard to Schengen Visas. Contact:



Appointments for C visa cases (Schengen): applicants should contact VFS GLOBAL, VAC Male’ directly ( ) in order to arrange an appointment for C visa application submission.

D visa submission appointment has to be booked through mail at  or D visa applications may launched in VFS VAC Male’ according to the provided appointment by the Embassy of Hungary in New Delhi.



Appointments for C visa cases (Schengen): applicants should contact VFS GLOBAL (New Delhi consular jurisdiction) directly ( ) in order to arrange an appointment for C visa application submission.

D visa submission appointment has to be booked through mail at  or


Sri Lanka

Appointments for C visa cases (Schengen): the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany is representing Hungary for Sri Lankan Residence only - Schengen Visas. Contact:


The Embassy of Hungary in India, New Delhi has outsourced its visa services to the external service provider VFS regarding D visa submission in Sri Lanka, Colombo since 14th August.

D visa submission appointment has to be booked through mail at D visa submission appointment has to be booked through mail at  or




­­Basic rules for the issuance of Schengen visas

1.) Airport transit visa (A): Authorize the bearer to enter the international zone of the airport and to remain there until the time of the departure of the flight to the destination country.

Only nationals of the following states are obliged to apply for an airport transit visa:

Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Ghana, Iran, Iraq, Nigeria, Pakistan, Somalia and Sri Lanka.


2.) Short stay uniform visa (C): Authorize the bearer for a single, double or multiple entries. In case of an uninterrupted stay, a stay of maximum 90 days. While in case of an interrupted stay, a stay of altogether maximum 90 days within the period of 180 days counted from the date of first entry.

The Visa application is admissible only if­:

a) the application is lodged within the period of six months from the intended visit.

b) the applicant  presents a wholly and legibly completed, signed application form

The application form could be downloaded: .

c) the applicant shall present a valid travel document satisfying the following criteria:

- it shall contain at least two blank pages

- it shall have been issued within the previous 10 years

- its validity shall extend at least three months after the intended date of departure from the territory of the member States or, in the case of several visits, after the last intended date of departure from the territory of the Member States; d) the applicant shall present passport-size colour photo (not older than 6 months);

- biometric data have been collected (if applicable)

- visa fee has been collected.


Please be informed that the Tables on the recognition of travel documents by Hungary published on the website of the Council of the European Union, under the link:


When applying for a short stay uniform visa (Schengen C-type), the purpose of the entry can be certified with the following documents:

• Tourist visit: the certificate of the travel agency or in the case of an individual visit a prepaid reservation of accommodation.

• Educational or other scientific or professional training purpose: the certificate of the receiving institution, the certificate of the envisaged place of accommodation in Hungary

• Visiting friends and acquaintances: a letter of invitation in the form of a public notarial document and a photocopy of the personal identification document/passport of the inviting party in Hungary.

• Cultivation of family relations: an invitation letter as described in the previous indent or a letter signed by the applicant in full awareness of his/her criminal liability describing the degree of the family relation, giving the name, address and phone number of the family member and the purpose of the entry and stay.

• Business purposes: In a case of existing business, collaborate in Hungary. A letter of invitation from the business partner, proof of the existence of commercial business relations or the certificate of the local chamber of commerce on the existence of business relations and the certification of the address of the envisaged place of accommodation in Hungary.

• Medical treatment: the certificate of the receiving health institution, including reference to the fact that the expected coverage of the medical treatment is available, and other certification of the coverage of the medical treatment, as well as the certification of the address of the expected place of accommodation in Hungary.

• In the case of carriers: the certification or request of the carrier firm.

• Visiting the grave of a deceased relative buried in Hungary: a document certifying the existence of the grave and the degree of relationship.

• Cultural activities: accreditation proving the participation in the sports event or contract with the Hungarian sport club, or the certificate issued by the delegating sport club / Olympic committee / Ministry of Sport, etc.

• Sport activities: agency contract with the Hungarian service provider, invitation letter issued by the host organization.

• Conference and Seminars: invitation letter issued by the host organization, confirmation on participation issued by the host organization, and/or a certification issued by the delegating organization; receipt on payment of the registration fee

• Other purposes of entry not listed in any of the above categories: a declaration presenting the purpose of the entry and stay, made in full awareness of the person’s criminal liability.


  • The above-mentioned enumeration of supporting documents is a non-exhaustive list.
  • The list of the supporting documents is defined by the consul following the local conditions and circumstances; it is changeable at any time. (The list of the required supporting documents in New Delhi.)
  • Consul may request for the presentation of further documents or certificates in addition to the ones already attached to the application. According to law decision upon the visa, application must not exceed 15 calendar days. In individual case, the period may extend up to the maximum of 45 calendar days.


The conditions for the refusal of visa application:

• false, counterfeit or forged travel document.

• unable to prove the purpose and conditions of the intended stay.

• does not certify, that he/she has sufficient means of subsistence both for the duration of the intended stay, and for the return to his/her country of origin or residence.

• has exceeded the maximum duration of authorized stay within the same 6 months period in the territory of the Member States.

• is a person for whom an alert has been issued in the Schengen Information System (SIS)  refusing entry.

• is considered to be a threat to public policy, internal security or public health, international relations of any of the Member States, in particular where alert has been issued in Member States national databases for the purpose of refusing entry on the same ground.

• is not in possession of adequate and valid travel medical insurance where applicable.

Furthermore in case:

• Information submitted regarding the justification for the purpose and conditions of the intended stay was not reliable.

• Applicant’s intention to leave the territory of the Member States before the expiry of the visa could not be ascertained.

• Sufficient proof that the applicant has not been in a position to apply for a visa in advance justifying application for a visa at the border was not provided.

The consul using the established refusal form notifies the reason for refusal. Notification on the reason for refusal can be obtained at the consulate only by the applicant in person. In case of refusal, the consulate will not reimburse the visa fee.



If a foreign national plans to enter into an employment relationship, an application for the issue or extension of a residence permit may be submitted – in the case of preferred employer provided for in specific other legislation – by the prospective employer as well, provided that the client has consented in writing. Additional condition is that the applicant has not yet entered Hungary or his/her stay in Hungary is legal.

In case the application is submitted by the Hungarian host entity or employer, it shall be submitted electronically upon electronic identification. For more details on electronic administration, please click here

Please note that an application submitted electronically is deemed to have been received by the authority if the administrative service fee has been paid.

Preferred employer shall mean:

  • an employer having signed a strategic partnership agreement with the Government;
  • any employer that plans to employ in Hungary a third-country national from a country neighbouring Hungary in any of the professions provided for in a communication by the Hungarian Minister responsible for employment;
  • any employer who is an employer listed in the register of qualified employment agencies;
  • any employer who implements an investment project of preferential status for national economy considerations.


Appeal procedure

Every applicant has the right to appeal. If the application/visa has been refused, annulled or revoked:

  • Appeal has to be made personally either by the applicant or by the person who has a power of attorney from the applicant at the Consular and Visa Section of the Embassy of Hungary.  
  • The application must be submitted within the eight (8) calendar days from the date of receiving the decision.
  •  3 calendar days within the date of receiving the decision for the annulment or revocation of a visa.

The Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs decides on the appeals within 15 days and on the appeals against decision for the annulment or revocation of a visa within 5 days.

The appeal should be lodged in writing and it should be signed by the applicant or by the person who has a power of attorney. The fee of the appeal procedure should be paid at the same time when submitting the appeal. The fee for the appeal procedure cannot be reimbursed, not even in case of a positive decision.

There is no possibility for the reduction of the fee, that should be paid by that applicant also who could lodge his/her visa claim free of charge in the first instance procedure. The appeal must be submitted in Hungarian or in any other official language of the European Union. If the applicant lodges the appeal in another language he/she must submit an official translation with the appeal.

The applicant or the person with the power of attorney can submit further supporting documents during the appeal procedure, and the client can be summoned to the consulate for a personal visa interview. The appeal judgment may be subject to judicial review. In case of refusal a new application may be submitted at any time but the visa fee has to be paid again.